Cal Creek Golden Retrievers
AKC Golden Retriever Owner, Breeder and Handler
Ranchos of Madera County, California
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About Cal Creek Golden Retrievers
Michelle Dellobuono, Handler
Bert Dellobuono, Groomer
I am a music teacher, I teach private lessons to piano and guitar students
I am a Licensed Plumbing Contractor servicing customers in the Madera and Fresno areas of CA
Committed to helping others achieve their dreams of owning a healthy AKC Golden Retriever
We started showing AKC Golden Retrievers in conformation dog shows in 2013 as a hobby. We enjoy traveling and participating.  It has been a learning process.  Bert is the groomer, prepping the dogs for show, and Michelle is the handler presenting the dog to the judge. 

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our Mentor Jennifer Masterson. Jennifer is the breeder of our Ginger and Nick.  She has spent years dedicating herself to the Golden Retriever breed.  She works diligently to produce healthy long living Goldens.   When we first started the hobby, we knew we needed a Mentor, and Jennifer graciously agreed to work with us.

When we needed to find a sire for our Ginger, Jennifer's Fred fit the bill.  We have had two litters with this breeding and the puupies are healthy wonderful dogs. (See testimonials). All of the dogs in Jennifer's breeding program have all their clearances for Eyes, Heart, Hips and Elbows. They are bred to the AKC Official Standard

As our girls grow and mature, and of course get their clearances we will have two litters every year.  At present we only are breeding Ginger and will expect a litter in the fall.