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​Sunny started her heat cycle, we will keep track of her hormone levels and mate her to Nick when she ovulates.  Usually around day 14 of the cycle.

First mating complete - Puppies expected September 5, 2019. We will mate them two more times over the next few days.  We will get ultrasound verification next month. 

Ultrasound confirmed puppies today.  Looks like a nice litter, couldn't get an exact count.

X-ray today to get a headcount.  We think we see 8 heads, and we keep counting 9 spines.  Hard to find the 9th head though, so we shall see.  She is needing to eat smaller meals more frequently as she is getting pretty round! Healthy puppies on the way.

Eight puppies were born over a 14 hour delivery period. First puppy delivered at 3:20 in the morning, and the final eighth puppy delivered at 5:20 in the afternoon. She sure took her time. Never-the-less there was no complications.

​All the puppies are doing really well. They are feeding well, and putting on weight. We weight them every day to make sure they are being fed by mama. Sometime a puppy gets pushed away as all the puppies are competing for a nipple. 

Mama and the puppies are in a dedicated bedroom with all the comfort of home. We take turns standing watch over them, even during the night. Michelle takes the 8:00pm to 1:00am, and I take the 1:00am to 6:00am watch. We rotate every five hours through out the day and night. We are watching to make sure all the puppies are being fed, and mama doesn't roll over onto a puppy or step on a puppy. We are keeping a close eye on mama's health. By the way, mama is doing very well.

Puppies are one week old. They are getting stronger and larger! They have all gained over 1/2 a pound. (They weighed around 1 pound at birth, some more some a little less.)
We are able to leave Sunny alone with the puppies now, she is very careful with them.

Puppies are 3 weeks old. Their eyes and ears are open.  They are active and starting to lap fluids.  We are giving them goats milk to lap, we will start our puppy mush next week.  We add puppy food to water for it to expand and then blend it into the consistency of cream of wheat. They have started playing with each other. They all weigh around 4 pounds now, they are putting on good weight and getting their fluffy puppy coat.

Puppies weigh 5 pounds. They are getting stronger and more alert. They were dewormed with Pyrantel and will be treated again in 2 weeks.

Moved the puppies to the bigger x-pen in the garage.  They are ready to have more room and stimulus.  Put in toys for them to play with.  At the end of the pen we have a potty box set up with pine shavings, they are at the age where they will start to discriminate where they potty.  We try out best to get them to use the box so when they come home they have a head start on potty training.

They have regular visitors this week to help with Socializing. They love to cuddle.

They are using the potty box! When I came out to get Sunny this morning the box was full.

They received the second dose of Pyrantel for Ring Worms.

They are 6 weeks, and received the first of 3 doses of Fenbendazole for de-worming. They will be treated tomorrow and Sunday.  This will complete the treatment. A sample will be taken to the vet for analysis next week to insure they are clear. They will also be tested for Giardia.  We are doing all we can to ensure puppies are healthy!

Over the weekend all puppy families chose their puppy that they will be taking home in two weeks.  Hard to chose they are all adorable.

Vet exam completed today, the office staff and other patrons made a big fuss over our puppies! All the puppies healthy! Sent fecal sample to the lab to be tested for parasites, they will be treated again if needed before going home.
We Keep a Before and After Whelping  Diary Notes:
​June 23 
Born September 6, 2019  Eight Healthy-Active Puppies
Sunny and Nick puppies born September 6th 2019 No puppies available

​Next litter Nick and Molly Spring 2020
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Two More Weeks and All The Puppies Will Be Going To Their New Home
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Family Came By To Meet The Puppies
Some Previous Customers Wanted to Come By and See The Puppies
All the Puppies Got a Bath Today
Having a Picnic Outside Today
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