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​Mated Molly and Nick today, he let us know she had ovulated and was receptive to breeding.  All went well, it is her first litter. Her pregnancy lasts 9 weeks from ovulation so her due date is February 7, 2020.  Almost Valentine babies.
We Keep a Before and After Whelping  Diary Notes, Molly x Nick litter:
​December 7

Born September 6, 2019  Eight Healthy-Active Puppies, Sunny x Nick
Next litter Nick and Molly February 7, 2020
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Pictures of Our last Litter
First Day Picture
Two More Weeks and All The Puppies Will Be Going To Their New Home
You Can Tell This Is A Male Puppy By the Size Of the Head
Family Came By To Meet The Puppies
Some Previous Customers Wanted to Come By and See The Puppies
All the Puppies Got a Bath Today
Having a Picnic Outside Today
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