Cal Creek Golden Retrievers
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Ranchos of Madera County, California
Cal Creek Golden Puppies

Golden Retrievers
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The Dam is "Masters Futura Hot-n-Spicey"
(aka Ginger)

Dam of the New Puppies
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Ginger the Dam, is Currently in Heat. We made arrangements for the Stud Dog Lucci, we are going with Frozen artificial insemination because Lucci is currently out at the dog shows every weekend.  He is the 5th Golden Retriever in the country right now. 

We will start progesterone testing with the Veterinarian around day 13. We will get Ginger tested every other day until her level is 5.0, or higher. This 5.0 or higher will mean she has ovulated. When 5.0 or higher is met, we have only a 2 day window for breeding and fertilization. We will start the testing next Wednesday.

Ginger had her first Progesterone test, results will come in tomorrow.

Ginger's Progesterone number is 9, anything over 5 means she has ovulated. We are going to the Vet to get our first installment from Lucci the stud dog. Because he is out at the various dog shows every weekend we are doing artificial insemination. We will repeat on Saturday hoping for a really nice litter.

Next check in will be in a month when we go to the Vet for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

We Keep a Before and After Whelping  Diary Notes:
June 8, 2018

June 20, 2018 Weds.

​June 21, 2018 Thurs.
The video can only be seen on a desk top computer
Born May 13, 2017  Nine Healthy-Active Puppies
All of our puppies have gone home with their owners.

Our next litter will be August 2018
Pictures of Our last Litter
First Day Picture
Two More Weeks and All The Puppies Will Be Going To Their New Home
You Can Tell This Is A Male Puppy By the Size Of the Head
Family Came By To Meet The Puppies
Some Previous Families Wanted to Come By and See The Puppies
All the Puppies Got a Bath Today
Having a Picnic Outside Today
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Sire of the New Puppies
""GCHS CH Bear Valley's Luciano Mi Tesoro CGCA RN"