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Golden Retrievers
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The Dam is "Masters Futura Hot-n-Spicey"
(aka Ginger)

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​Sunny started her heat cycle, we will keep track of her hormone levels and mate her to Nick when she ovulates.  Usually around day 14 of the cycle.

First mating complete - Puppies expected September 5, 2019. We will mate them two more times over the next few days.  We will get ultrasound verification next month. 

Ultrasound confirmed puppies today.  Looks like a nice litter, couldn't get an exact count.

We Keep a Before and After Whelping  Diary Notes:
​June 23 
The video can only be seen on a desk top computer
Born May 13, 2017  Nine Healthy-Active Puppies
Sunny ultrasound check confirmed puppies. We have a litter with Nick and Sunny expected the first week of September!
Pictures of Our last Litter
First Day Picture
Two More Weeks and All The Puppies Will Be Going To Their New Home
You Can Tell This Is A Male Puppy By the Size Of the Head
Family Came By To Meet The Puppies
Some Previous Customers Wanted to Come By and See The Puppies
All the Puppies Got a Bath Today
Having a Picnic Outside Today
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​July 6

August 5