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Ranchos of Madera County, California

I use this because I feed my dogs mainly Purina Pro Plan kibble. When the kibble is processed the enzymes in the ingredients are “cooked” out. This product is rich in Omega Fatty Acids, vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and coat. Nutritional support for healthy immune system and to support overall wellness. We needed our dogs to have a beautiful coat for the dog shows, and this supplement did it.
Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics, High Protein Dry Dog Food, Shredded Blend Salmon & Rice Formula - 33 lb. Bag

I like the Salmon for the added Omega 3 fatty acids, I find it helps keep their coat shiny and does reduce shedding. Purina Pro Plan
Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice – A lot of professional dog handlers use Purina Pro Plan. It is a good quality dog food for a good price.

I like this product because real meat is the main ingredient. It contains Probiotics, calcium for strong bone development for a new born puppy. They stay on this until they are 4 months old.
When 4 months old, I use Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Formula. 

Goldens are a Large Breed dog and need to be fed a formula that will help prevent Hip and Elbow dysplasia. Move puppy to Adult food at 9 months.
Virbac CET Veggiedent FR3SH Tartar Control Chews for Dogs

I give these when the adult teeth are in. Feed at night, the enzymes clean the teeth as they sleep and helps keep plaque from forming on their teeth. All of our dogs have clean teeth because of this product. 

KONG - Extreme Dog Toy - Toughest Natural Rubber, Black - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Large Dogs. 

I freeze pumpkin, or banana into the Kong, and it will keep my dogs entertained for a long time.
Chuck-It sports balls are very durable for a great game of chase and retrieve.

I use these because the fuz on tennis balls gets in between the teeth and files the teeth down like sand paper.
Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic Soft Chews for Dogs | Digestive Health Support Dog Probiotics

I use these chews only if my dog gets into other stuff and has diarrhea or loose stools.

Benebone Puppy 2-Pack Dental Chew/Wishbone Dog Chew Toys, Real Bacon Flavor

Great toys for new puppies who need to chew!
Benebone Zaggler Rolling Dog Chew Toy, Real Bacon Flavor, Medium

A favorite toy, my dogs fight for this one.

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Medium, Real Peanut Flavor 

My dogs like this one because they can hold one end with their paws and chew freely.

NaturVet – Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent Plus Breath Aid – Deters Dogs from Consuming Stool – Enhanced with Breath Freshener, Enzymes & Probiotics. 

My young dogs went through a poop eating stage and this took that desire away. Nothing like racing to see who can clean up the poop first – NOT!
Ear Cleaning is essential with a Golden. Those floppy ears hold in dirt and bacteria. I like this product, and it is self drying. 

If your Golden is a water dog, ear infections come quickly.
For trimming nails. It’s easy to use human nail clippers until they get to be about 4 months. When larger clippers are required, it is hard to get the dog to hold still for all the clipping. They often don’t like the sound of toe nail clippers or electrical dremels make. It is too easy to cut the quick and that is painful to the dog. 

However, with LuckyTail dog nail grinder, it works great! With this tool, the dog does not mind his nails being trimmed.  It's has 2-speeds, rechargeable, & painless.

A grooming table comes in handy, saves your back when you are blow drying or trimming your dog. I have the Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table with Arm for safely keeping the dog on the table. This one is 36” which is the minimum for a Golden. 
If you want a quick blow dry. I love the flying pig dryer it has 2 levels of heated air.
For a dog crate, I like the two door version that has a divider which can be used when the puppy first comes home. Made by MidWest ICrate 36 Inches. 
When you come to pick up your puppy, we suggest MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel Pet Carrier, 24” for safety getting home.