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​Just wanted to tell you how amazied I am, how smart Dorie is. She has learned to sit, wait for her food and is biting softer most of the time. She is learning to walk on the leash already (9 weeks). She is probably the smartest Golden Puppy I have every had!! You did a good job breeding such a nice disposition and smart.
Joanne - April 2020

Emma is with us every minute. What a good time to come home! She slept well last night, only whined a moment or two and went back to sleep with some cuddles. We get her outside every two hours and she is amazing about using the grass every time. She follows us wherever we go. She loves her food and knows where the water is. She’s an amazingly smart, happy, calm and confident girl.

Thank you Michelle, Bert, Molly and Nick! - April 2020

Just wanted to let you know that Cali did great on her trip across country!! She slept the whole redeye flight in the carryon bag and then we had a 3 hour layover in Boston before taking a small plane to our local airport. She took a nice nap when she got home and is now exploring the house. She hasn't had a single accident inside and even on the trip didn't go until I got her to a good spot outside.
Holli - July 2017  

 I have to tell you, we take Cooper aka Pocket full of sunshine, most places with us. Campbell Farmer's Market is one of our favorite go to's. We have told so many people who asked where did we get him. Many actually typed it into their phones! Cooper is one of our family and so smart - getting more expert at his manners everyday!
Alex - April 2017

I just want to give you some update about Narin, how she is doing and how things are going. Her health is great! she is extremely smart, she learn things so fast it amazes me, I had many dogs before but nothing even close to her capability to learn. She is full with love and never leave our side, she loves to walk, go to trip with us in the car. She is so well behaved it is beyond any expectations that we had. When she was teething she did even chew one thing at home but only her toys. She is getting big but sill love to sit on my lap and give me hugs (yes hugs) all the time. We love her so much and she loves even more. Thank you again for Narin, she is our angel! We love her so much.
Kem & Selin -February 2017

I took Narin to Vet last Tuesday for her vaccinations, she is doing great! She is 24 lbs now :) and very fit! She is extremely smart and cuddly. All the family kisses her all the time, and she loves it :) She never leaves our side and follows us in the house. I started to train how to walk with a leash in my back yard. She is learning extremely quickly. We love her so much, thank you for letting us adopt Narin, she is our baby!
Kem - January 2017

Rocky is such an incredible loving dog, thank you so much. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He attracts so much attention- he is a walking billboard for Calcreek- I can't tell you how many people have asked where we got him. My mom included (she has had poodles for 20 years) and now is so excited to get a golden.  
Mandy - January 2017

I took Narin for her vaccinations, she got all of them completed including rabies! I started to take her out to walk! She learns so quickly it is amazing! She walks like a lady :) She is 4 months old and she knows all the commands, she is house trained, she knows how to walk properly, how to communicate with us! The only thing left she does not know how to talk yet, But with her intelligence she will find a way… She is the most gentle, lovely, cuddly beautiful dog I ever seen in my life. We love our angel! She is so calm; she acts like she is 2 years old. By the way she is 31.5 lbs !!! She is growing so fast!
Kem - January 2017

Cooper had his final immunizations. Cooper is doing great, he is over 35lbs but is a lean guy. He was the big boy and still is the big boy! Everyone thinks he might be about 75lbs! Thank goodness I like big dogs.Thank you again for such a beautiful young pup, he has been a wonderful addition to our family.
Amy - January 2017
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