Golden Retriever puppies for sale. We show AKC golden retrievers in conformation dog shows and breed golden retrievers. Cal Creek Golden Retrievers | San Jose, CA
Cal Creek Golden Retrievers
AKC Golden Retriever Owner and Breeder
Ranchos of Madera County, California
Going for the California Gold!
Welcome to Cal Creek Golden Retrievers!
We have moved to Madera Ranchos, CA
Hoping for a litter of puppies fall, 2019
Daly City Dog Show, CA
She is getting a pep talk from a spectator at a dog show.
Vallejo Dog Show, CA
AKC - Masters Futura Hot-n-Spicey
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It's a look of unconditional love! Even to someone she doesn't know.
This is called love!
We invite you to be part of our family.
If your looking for love, you'l find it in a golden
AKC - Masters In th' Nick of Time
This is Molly at 8 Months
Fresno Dog Show in February 2018

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